Manny, Sid, and Diego's Adventures Series poster

Manny, Sid, and Diego's Adventures Series poster

The Sub-Zero Adventure Group

The Sub-Zero Adventure Group

Welcome to the Manny, Sid, and Diego's Adventures Wiki

This wiki talks about the Manny, Sid, and Diego's Adventures Series.

Join Manny, the Woolly Mammoth, his friends Sid, Diego, Crash, Eddie, his beloved mate Ellie, Shira, his daughter Peaches, Granny, Louis and their whole Sub-Zero Adventure Group (Jeremy the Crow, Marlene, Horton, Po, the Furious Five, Shifu, Boog, Elliot, Samson, Ryan, Benny, Nigel, Bridget, Larry, Charlie, Itchy, Rafael, Wolf, Twitchy, and Kirk the Woodsman) as they go out on an adventure outside Blue Sky Studios and the Ice Age world where they will meet new friends, battle against and bring old and new enemies to justice, and save the world at the same time. As for both Scrat and Scratte, they look for their nut (or their acorn) through unpredictable peril.


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